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Why You Should Make an Admissions Résumé

Today, we are going to discuss the three reasons to make a college admissions resume.

An admissions resume is different from a job resume. A job resume is typically black-printed on one white sheet of paper listing your employment and education experiences. An admissions resume can be different by being colorful, creative, and having many pages as needed. These pages can showcase your hobbies, sports, travel, leadership and community service roles, and anything that is important to you.

Number one: some college admissions will ask you to upload your resume in the application. It will be a feeling to do so because it has already been made and is ready to go. Number two: most applications will give you a space to list 10 or more extra-curricular activities. If you have finished your resume, you can copy and paste that information right into the application. And number three: many colleges assign supplemental essays. When you get asked those questions, you can use your resume as a reference. 

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