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Community Service Colleges Love

Today, we are discussing Community Service. That’s one of the many qualities colleges like to see in their prospective students because you’re going to be a part of campus life and that greater area. They want to know if you’re going to make a difference in their community so having a good track record through high school shows them you will.

They’re going to give you an education, knowledge and abilities, and they want to know how you’re going to apply them. Are you going out into the world and maybe make that into a better place too? The biggest mistake a high school student makes is having such little experience. They spent about a day helping or went with their parents and a club, showing that it didn’t really come from the heart.

Something to think about is: who would you like to help and how in a realistic sense? If you really care about helping people you should go out and do so. Also, involving your friend group and maybe starting a club at school is a great way to tell a college your efforts were genuine and came from the heart. A great way to showcase these community service activities is through your résumé and essays.

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