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We’ve Worked With

  • East Brunswick High School
  • Marine Academy of Science & Technology
  • Robbinsville High School
  • Red Bank Regional High School
  • Toms River High Schools South, East & North
  • Old Bridge High School
  • North Brunswick Township High School
  • Wall Township High School
  • Communications High School
  • Princeton High School
  • Saint John Vianney High School
  • Shore Regional High School
  • Spotswood High School
  • Brick Twp & Memorial High Schools
  • Steinert Hamilton High East
  • Asbury Park High School
  • Neptune High School
  • Mercer County Community College
  • South Amboy Middle High School
  • Churchill Junior High School


Available in October
Financial Aid Night includes up-to-date information on federal aid (FAFSA), state aid (HESAA), and free money from colleges, tax credits, and scholarships, as well as how to maximize each. We’ll also review federal and state loan options, work study, loan forgiveness programs, and so much more. This two-hour presentation includes time for parent/student Q&A.
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Financial Aid Night

Available in June
Summer is the time to focus on college application essays. This workshop teaches soon-to-be-12th-grade students and their parents the first-person competitive essay skills needed to write winning essays for highly selective colleges. Students will get organized and have a plan to utilize the summer months to complete the bulk of their essays in time for early and priority deadlines.
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College Essays Workshop

Available in February
How do student loans work? What are the most effective ways to get more scholarship and grant dollars from colleges before committing? What smart choices can help students and parents reduce a college’s cost of attendance? This two-hour presentation includes time for parent/student Q&A.
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Negotiating with Colleges

Available September-December
What should 12th graders be doing to increase their chances of getting accepted to top colleges? What about 9th-11th graders? This Q&A session guides students and parents through the current admissions landscape, demonstrated interest, building an attention-grabbing résumé of extracurriculars, and developing their hook, while also addressing their most pressing questions and calming at least some of their anxiety about the college admission process.
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College Admissions Q&A

Available October-December
What should 9th-11th graders and their parents know about these college entrance exams? How are the SAT and ACT similar? How are they different? How have they changed, and how colleges use them to decide which students to accept and who gets scholarships in the evolving admissions landscape? This two-hour presentation includes time for parent/student Q&A.
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SAT/ACT Overview

Available December-May
What does the road ahead look like for 8th-10th graders who aren’t in the thick of the college admissions process quite yet? What groundwork can they be laying now to position themselves for success when that time comes? Parents and students will learn the steps they can take between now and then to reach their goals. This two-hour presentation includes time for parent/student Q&A.
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College Admissions Roadmap


Available October-May
The SAT and ACT measure something different from GPA. Solution Prep teaches that something different, with a seamless integration of proven strategy and required content. Most importantly, all Solution Prep instructors are experts at these tests and focus their full-time careers on preparing 11th and 12th graders for SAT and ACT success.

This program can be run during school hours, directly after school, or in the evening; in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Reach out today to discuss what tailored options best suit your school’s unique needs.

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SAT/ACT Course

Available July-August
Solution Prep’s Summer Admissions Program is available in partnership with high school guidance departments. It’s part writing course, part admissions coaching, and part project management. Rising seniors will complete most or all of their essays and applications over summer break—before the school year gets busy and in time for colleges’ early and priority deadlines—utilizing key strategies to increase their chances of acceptance to competitive colleges.

Class meets weekly, July-August, two hours each week. Tuition is $495 per student. Scholarships and discounts are available, as well as subsidizing options.
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Summer Admissions Programs

Additional Resources

Solution Prep provides resources to support schools, parent groups, student activities, sports teams, and community organizations. Select an option to explore which resources are right for you.

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