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Most colleges require one or more essays so they can get to know you and compare you to other students with similar grades and scores. Over 30% of colleges accept the Common App, which includes an essay, but many of those schools still require an additional, school-specific essay. The number-one priority for an essay is that you make a positive and unique impression. This is a competition with a limited number of winners and no second place.

1. Select essays program

2. Finalize your program

3. Let us know your availability

4. Register with a 1/3 deposit

Essays – Main

Partial Essays
3 monthly payments of $495
  • The two most commonly required essays
  • Common App + "Why Major" essay
  • 4 sessions x 2 hrs each = 8 hrs total
  • 1-on-1 only
  • Available online or your choice of our centers

If your list of colleges is short, or most don't require supplemental essays, the Partial Essays program will help you write the two most common essays you'll need. The best time for this program is July, if possible.
Total Essays
3 monthly payments of $795
  • From the most common to the school-specific
  • Common App + supplementals essays
  • 8 sessions x 2 hrs each = 16 hrs total
  • 1-on-1 only
  • Available online or your choice of our centers

Competitive schools can require additional essays. Total Essays will help with up to 12 essays, including the Common App/Coalition essays and supplements. Ideally start in July, then shift gears to school-specific supplements in August.
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