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WE did it! I have officially been accepted into Princeton!! I just wanted to personally share this with you and tell you how grateful I am for all the advice/coaching you gave me. I truly do not think I would have been able to do it without your insightful suggestions and writing tips. Once again, thank you so much!!
-from a student in Wall

Just wanted to thank you again for all of your help preparing Bri for the SAT’s. I would have never imagined that she would enjoy SAT prep. Those great scores helped her tremendously! Thank you again for your help. It truly made a difference!
-from a parent in Ocean

I will never be able to accurately describe what your friendship, insight and optimism has meant to me. The challenges of motherhood can be overwhelming at times, and your steadiness and dependability was just what I needed to stay grounded to best guide my sons through this difficult journey. Thank you!
– from a parent in Farmingdale

Thank you so much for teaching Lauren how to test…little do you know how much you helped guide our daughter’s path to a wonderful future! As you can see, once she overcame the nerves, she put your methods to success! Thanks again!
-from a parent in Spring Lake

Thank you so much for the cookies. They were amazing. Also thank you for helping me so much with my SATs. It really made a difference. You made SAT work enjoyable and fun.
-from a student in Marlboro

I truly believe your classes helped Rachael get where she is today….and that is…to the University of Pennsylvania! As UPenn does not give scholarships, but rather grants, she got a full tuition grant for this year.
-from a parent in Hamilton

You were amazing to work with and helped Jason tremendously. We thank you for helping Jason throughout this process and for preparing him so well that he had many choices from top schools with offers of admission.
-from a parent in Fair Haven

I have to tell you that I was a bit skeptical at first about not going to take the Princeton Review or Kaplan, but I am really pleased at your class. You did a really great job and I am so pleased we took your class. You gave great pointers across the board. I couldn’t have imagined a better SAT teacher.
-from a parent in West Windsor

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! I can’t even explain how thankful I am for your help. I don’t know if my mom spoke to you, but I definitely know she wants to use your program again! Again, thank you so much for your help. Hopefully see you soon!
-from a student in Little Silver

Rachel has chosen to attend Towson University in their honors program. We are very proud of her and her academic achievements…We will gladly remember you to our friends whose children will need to find an SAT tutoring program. We were very happy with your professionalism and ability. Rachel was particularly pleased with your cookie rewards! All the best.
-from a parent in Marlboro

From day one I knew you would make a difference. Caroline was so thrilled to have some really good tips to carry along with her. Her reply after the test was “it was so easy.” Thank you for all your efforts; they have been very well received.
-from a parent in West Long Branch

I wanted to let you know how well I did with my November SAT’s. I felt really confident in my reading, and your tips allowed me to take my time and not rush the questions. Thanks for all the confidence you instilled in me for my final SAT, especially the patience you had with me during the course.
-from a student in Point Pleasant

I definitely would have been lost and confused if it wasn’t for your class so thank you so much for everything you helped me with! And you guys make great cookies! I’m eating them right now!
-from a student in Ocean

Matt seems to be getting a lot out of your class. Surprisingly, he’s not saying that he’s bored. That says a lot about your teaching technique. You do a great job with the kids. Your approach is enthusiastic and fun, while they are learning.
-from a parent in Robbinsville

Thank you so much for preparing me for the SAT! Your class was really fun and you were always energetic! Good luck with your future classes!
-from a student in Ocean

We can’t thank you enough for all that you did – when our Eric wouldn’t listen to us he listened to you, and we do believe that you made a difference! He never complained ONCE about going to tutoring and always had positive comments after each session. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-from a parent in Ocean

My son applied early decision to Stevens Institute of Technology and was accepted and also received the Edwin A. Stevens scholarship. He will be going there and we are so happy! Thanks so much. Your classes really helped him achieve a great score!
-from a parent in Ocean

Thank you for inviting the parents to attend last night. It was informative and fun. I want you to know that I am truly impressed with your teaching/coaching skills. You have a great talent and I am glad Talia got to experience your class. I think you provided her with excellent tools to take these tests. Please continue to do what you are doing….these kids need you.
-from a parent in Robbinsville

I know that Solution Prep made a significant difference in helping my son. From where he started with the practice tests to where he ended — an increase of 7 ACT points! Amazing. And taking the ACT a second time and getting just one point more added up to an additional $20,000 in scholarships for him. Every dollar we invested in Solution Prep came back to us in spades.
-from a parent in Millstone

Gabby committed to her top-choice college! She contacted the school a couple weeks ago for reconsideration for a scholarship and wound receiving $18,000 plus $2000 for study abroad. The tips and pointers you gave Gab for this worked so well! Thank you!
-from a parent in Jackson

I don’t know how we would have made it through the entire SAT and college application process without Solution Prep. My husband and I have said numerous times that this was a fabulous investment. You helped spare our sanity and kept peace in our house. We are so thankful we found you guys! You run a fabulous business and I will sing your praises to any parent!
-from a parent in Jackson

Thank you for giving Danielle the drive, the confidence, the knowhow and understanding to take herself to the next level. We have always believed in D but have been waiting for her to show what she is made of. Thanks to your tutelage, she finally did. Because of it, she can now actually choose a college, rather than pray that a college chose her. You have affected her educational path in such a drastic and positive way. It made her finally believe in herself.
-from a parent in Monroe

I’ll take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Adam and your entire team for going above and beyond for us. The group sessions with Adam really helped the kids to improve their scores. Adam is a wonderful teacher and the kids were lucky to have him.
–from a parent in South Brunswick

My twins did SAT/ACT prep with Laura. The whole process at Solution Prep is highly professional. Laura is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and a real gem of a person. I strongly recommend this group for test prep.
-from a parent in Oceanport

I am in the high school class of 2021 and I can confidently say that Solution Prep has helped me meet my goals in terms of the SAT and preparing my college applications. Spending my junior and senior year joining sessions with Solution Prep has allowed me to set realistic goals and have realistic expectations on my future! I highly recommend Solution Prep for college preparations!
-from a parent in Toms River

Solution Prep offers high quality and professional SAT and ACT tutoring services. They have helped both of my children improve their scores and get accepted to excellent universities. I highly recommend them!
-from a parent in Pine Beach

I don’t think I would have been able to get such a good score on the SATs without them. They made studying and breaking down problems make sense.
-from a student in Spring Lake Heights

I highly recommend Solution Prep. From SAT/ACT prep to college essay writing and just general college application advice, Solution Prep is top notch! My daughter and I owe a smooth application process (and lots of acceptances!) thanks to Solution Prep!
-from a parent in Little Silver

I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to the success of Evan getting into his first choice college. He was accepted there with a good amount of merit money. It was a pleasure working with all of you and I would not hesitate to recommend your company.
-from a parent in Lavallette

Samantha was extremely helpful in helping my child sharpen her essay and gave her the confidence she needed to keep writing without feeling like she didn’t know where to begin. Thank you, Solution Prep!
-from a parent in Howell

I am thankful for the team at Solution Prep, and my instructor Sam. I improved my SAT score greatly after completing the course, and the tips and tricks I learned made me feel confident and as relaxed as I could be taking the test. I highly recommend Solution Prep!
-from a student in Manasquan

We sent our son here for SAT prep and College Essay writing and we couldn’t be more pleased with how much it helped. He went up over 200 points and he really enjoyed working with Adam for his essay writing. I highly recommend Solution Prep for their SAT and Essay Writing course. They made this part of the college journey a lot easier.
-from a parent in East Brunswick

My daughter took the SAT/ACT prep class and her scores improved!!! Instructors focused on test strategies and there were plenty of practice tests. Their passion for seeing their students improve and be confident is evident. Solution Prep was a perfect choice for my daughter and if you are looking for a good SAT/ACT prep class this is the place.
-from a parent in Point Pleasant

Solution Prep was amazing in helping my sons prepare for the SAT/ACT and helping us with the college process overall. They were so informative and on top of it all. I highly recommend them!!
-from a parent in Ocean

If you are looking for your child to succeed in preparing for college, Solution Prep is THE place to go. The instructors are incredible and work well with the kids (AND Parents!!) on every personality level. My son actually looked forward to the classes (even virtually). THAT says a lot, to me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
-from a parent in East Brunswick

Originally got involved with Solution Prep to help my child improve on SAT/ACT scores. Very very successful in that effort, but they are so much more than that. They will help the student & parents in every aspect of the College application nightmare. It includes test scores to financial aid (& pretty much anything else).
-from a parent in Wall

I am in the high school class of 2021 and I can confidently say that Solution Prep has helped me meet my SAT goals. Spending my junior and senior year joining sessions with Solution Prep has allowed me to set realistic goals and have realistic expectations on my future! I highly recommend Solution Prep for college preparations!
-from a student in Toms River

Solution Prep was just what my son needed to prepare for his SATs. His score increased by over 100 points! For a parent who is starting the college process, call Solution Prep! It will save your sanity and get your child on the right path.
-from a parent in Wall

We have been verily impressed with the SAT tutoring our child sat through (which was not only extremely informative, but fast-paced and equally entertaining). We are truly happy parents. Our child did well and I would heartily recommend Solution Prep.
-from a parent in Marlboro

Sent my daughter here for SAT prep, the instructors went above and beyond working with her, making sure she was engaged, and even had her in classes online when she was out of town to accommodate us. Found it to be an amazing service. Would highly recommend and will have my other children attend when they are old enough.
-from a parent in Princeton

Our son used Solution Prep for tutoring his junior year of high school. We found the teachers to be knowledgeable, engaging, and encouraging. Getting ready for the SAT and the college application process can be a stressful time, but these guys helped us navigate all of it. Highly recommend.
-from a parent in Manasquan

I’d like to say a hearty ‘THANK YOU’ to Solution Prep and to Adam for all of your assistance on SAT and Essay Prep! Sydney was accepted Early Decision into NYU, which was her first choice!! So, NYU, here she comes!!! Keep up the good work!
-from a parent in North Brunswick

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all of your help and guidance throughout the course – it allowed me to sharpen my skills in known areas, and learn and develop new ones in certain areas I wasn’t too familiar with prior. Ultimately, I was able to go into that test comfortable, confident, and prepared, which was huge for me.
– from a student in Marlboro

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