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The SAT and ACT are designed for 11th graders. That means junior year is testing year. Students should plan to take one or both tests two or, if necessary, three times to maximize their superscore and space out test dates to finish by the end of junior year.

Right now the SAT and ACT are paper-and-pencil tests, that’s why you want your student to get paper-and-pencil prep and not take a class where they’re answering questions on a computer screen if that’s not how their test is going to be administered.

You also want to make sure that any class your student takes includes both the content they’re going to be be tested on, but also the strategies they’ll need to succeed. You don’t just want a teacher who’s good at math or good at English but doesn’t understand how these tests work.

Finally, you want a program that’s going to help students build over time. There are a lot of programs out there that just have students answer a lot of questions or take a lot of practice tests, assuming they’ll figure it out eventually. Don’t think of SAT prep or ACT prep like track practice, where if you run more, you’ll get faster. Think of it instead like building a house, where you build a solid foundation, then a really good first floor, before you build the second floor and put a roof on it.

There’s no magic number of hours a day or hours a week a student can practice for the SAT or ACT and be guaranteed to hit their goal scores, any more than there’s an exact number of hours someone needs to go to the gym to hit their goal weight. It really depends on the students, and there are so many variables.

At the end of the day, the right amount of prep is the amount a student is willing to do and that won’t burn them out. You want them to put in the work and care enough to succeed, but not get so singularly focused on this one thing that they neglect other important things like their grades in school or their extracurricular activities, both of which matter a great deal to colleges in the admissions process.

Solution Prep offers SAT and ACT classes in person in Monmouth County, Middlesex County, and Ocean County, New Jersey, with centers in Wall Township, Little Silver, East Brunswick, and Toms River. We also run classes at a number of high schools by invitation of guidance, school administrators, or parent organizations. Students are also welcome to join group classes or work with an instructor 1-on-1 meeting virtually from anywhere in the country, or even anywhere in the world.

Solution Prep’s Basics Program for the SAT and ACT includes 8 classes, unlimited practice tests, 8 online test reviews, and 4 invaluable workshops for parents and students about college admissions and financing throughout junior and senior year.

In the evolving college admissions landscape, some colleges are “test blind,” which means they won’t look at SAT or ACT scores at all. Other colleges may be “test optional,” which means you have the option of sending your test scores, and having great scores can still increase your chances of getting into those colleges. Then the rest of colleges are just requiring test scores.

So until and unless you are 100% certain which colleges are on your list and what their score requirements will be the year that you apply, you’re better off having great scores and not needing them than needing great scores and not having them.

Solution Prep offers both 1-on-1 tutoring and small-group courses. That way students and parents can decide which one is best for them.

For students with much lower scores who need a lot of help, or for students with much higher scores who want more targeted help, 1-on-1 tutoring can be the best program for them.

But for most students in the middle, a small-group course is best because it gives them an opportunity to go over all the content they’ll need and the building blocks of all the strategies that everyone has to learn to improve their scores from wherever they are.

Solution Prep small-group class is between 3 and 6 students. We want to keep the group small to make sure every students gets the individualized attention that they need. In a big class, students may be able to hide in the back, but in a small group, every voice gets heard and every question gets answered.

The SAT and ACT have about 3 hours of testing material. That’s why a Solution Prep class is about 3 hours long: because in addition to teaching students the important content and strategies they’ll ned on the test, we’re also conditioning them to be able to have the endurance they’ll need to last all the way to the last question.

Every teacher at Solution Prep is great at teaching all the subjects on both the SAT and the ACT. That way your student can work with one teacher the entire time; they can build rapport, learn how your student works best, and help them succeed.

Ever since the most recent SAT redesign, the SAT and ACT have been nearly identical tests. And colleges don’t care which one you send, accepting the two interchangeably. It’s a wasted opportunity not to prepare for both at once.

And because about half of our students get their best improvements on the SAT and the other half get their best improvements on the ACT, we always want our students to take both tests at least once after taking our course and not leave any points on the table.

Because students should plan to take the SAT and/or the ACT at least two or three times to maximize their superscore, a Solution Prep program continues well beyond students’ initial run of classes.

Not only do they have unlimited practice tests that they can continue taking before each subsequent exam until they feel finished testing, they’ll also have 24/7 access to online test reviews in their portal and plenty of additional practice material to keep working independently.

And, for students who feel they’d benefit from additional 1-on-1 or small-group time working with an instructor, we can schedule that too, leading up to their next round of testing.

Solution Prep program costs exactly what the price tag says, with no hidden fees. There are no enrollment fees, no diagnostic test fees, no credit card fees, not even materials fees because all materials are included. So you can be sure that the price you see is the price you’ll get.

Some people offer guarantees, but those are, at their core, a sales gimmick full of fine print designed to let whoever gave it to you have enough loopholes to get out of living up to that commitment. At Solution Prep, our students get out of this program what they put into it. And we want our relationship with our students and their parents not to be about looking for excuses to invalidate some guarantee, but to be about finding ways to help our students succeed and reach their goals.

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