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Eric Ginsberg

Eric has been teaching the SAT and ACT and providing college counseling since 1998. He has degrees in Communications and Music and is a financial aid expert. He contributed to the bestsellers Cracking the SAT, Crash Course for the SAT, and 11 Practice Tests for the SAT & PSAT. He once broke a toe playing laser-tag: when they say, “no running,” they mean it.

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What are Parents and Students Saying

Rachel has chosen to attend Towson University in their honors program. We are very proud of her and her academic achievements…We will gladly remember you to our friends whose children will need to find an SAT tutoring program. We were very happy with your professionalism and ability. Rachel was particularly pleased with your cookie rewards! All the best.
-from a parent in Marlboro

From day one I knew you would make a difference. Caroline was so thrilled to have some really good tips to carry along with her. Her reply after the test was “it was so easy.” Thank you for all your efforts; they have been very well received.
-from a parent in West Long Branch

I definitely would have been lost and confused if it wasn’t for your class so thank you so much for everything you helped me with! And you guys make great cookies! I’m eating them right now!
-from a student in Ocean

Matt seems to be getting a lot out of your class. Surprisingly, he’s not saying that he’s bored. That says a lot about your teaching technique. You do a great job with the kids. Your approach is enthusiastic and fun, while they are learning.
-from a parent in Robbinsville

Thank you so much for preparing me for the SAT! Your class was really fun and you were always energetic! Good luck with your future classes!
-from a student in Ocean

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