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À la Carte
Just the pieces you need.
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Application Essays

A great college essay can make the difference between being accepted or declined and can increase financial aid offers. Learn to write competitive essays to beat other applicants for limited seats at top schools with weekly sessions in the summer or fall to draft, hone, and perfect the essays you need.

College Search

What do you want to study? Which schools are best for you? The College Search is a multi-phased collaborative project that will walk you through hundreds of important questions to deliver a tailored list of school recommendations with a trove of information about each one.

Admissions Lab

Making the time to work through essays and applications can be the hardest part. The Admissions Lab provides a day, time, and place to hunker down and get it all done. We’ll help your student get organized, stay focused, and keep moving from July-October with unlimited access to weekly morning and evening lab times at each of our centers.

Project Management

From researching essay assignments to meeting admissions deadlines, get help managing the process with easy-to-use spreadsheets and a helping hand to guide you, included with any à la carte or packaged admissions service.

Bundle key parts or everything.
Starting at 8 installments of $565


The application is your first impression, and you want it to be perfect. It can be overwhelming, but we can tackle these daunting forms with you.

Financial Aid

Learn to optimize the FAFSA and get help filling out first-year federal, state, and school-specific financial forms for both need- and merit-based aid.

Interview Prep

An interview is your chance to become more than just a number and gain an edge over the competition. We’ll polish these skills to help you shine.


Amid hundreds of criteria, we know how to hone in on the right scholarships for you. We’ll assemble your list and provide guidance to maximize your chances.

Visit Planning

Visiting a school is a critical step in deciding to apply or commit. We’ll help plan your visits and coordinate your itinerary to make the most of each trip.

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