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Getting to “Yes” from Rejected: Top-Choice College Hacks

Hey guys! It’s Eric at Solution Prep and now that college acceptances are in its time to answer the tough question: what if you were rejected by your top choice college? Well, fear not because there are some steps you might be able to take.

Some schools have an appeal process, and if your top choice college does, you should definitely appeal because you might wind up getting in after all.

Second, maybe apply as a transfer student after a semester or two at a different college. You’re going to find that transfer acceptance rates are much higher than freshman undergraduate acceptance rates.

A third option is consider applying there for graduate school — you know, med school, law school, business school. You’re going to find that some top colleges like Harvard and Johns Hopkins actually have double the number of graduate students as they have undergraduate students. They’re primarily graduate schools anyway.

And fourth, maybe consider picking another college, and love the one you’re with; because you might find out that you’re just as happy there as you thought you could only be at your top choice college.

So get going, and if you have questions call us at 732-556-8220. We are here to help.

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