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Why Top Colleges Pick Students

Today I want to talk to juniors and seniors about why and how top colleges pick these students and not those students. 

A lot of students get great grades and great scores, but then don’t wind up getting into their top-choice college, and that’s because grades and scores alone are what make you eligible for a college. They’re what qualify you. 

Top colleges get more eligible applicants than they have available seats. So, how do these top colleges decide which students to pick and accept? 

They’re going to go to the application essays. And top colleges may have a lot of them. Some have three extra essays for you to write, or five extra essays, or even more! 

And these essays need to have more than just correct grammar and good punctuation. They need to demonstrate your interest in the college. They need to show your academic and intellectual curiosity. They need to showcase your passions. And a whole host of other categories schools are looking for out of these essays. 

So get writing, make sure your essays are not just good, but competitive essays, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 732-556-8220. We’re here to help.

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