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#1 Most Common College Essay: Why This Major?

This month we’re talking through some of the most common college essay prompts colleges assign for those school-specific supplemental application essays.

And probably number one on the list is the “why this major?” essay; they want to know about your intellectual curiosity and your academic passions.

And the biggest mistake students make in this essay is focusing on when they were little kids; in some formative experience they had when they were young, but little you is not who’s going to go to college.

Young adults are going to go to college, so make sure to focus on more recent experiences. Whether it’s classes you’re taking or an academy you’re in at school or extracurricular activities like clubs or competitions. Maybe talk about independent research you did or some kind of summer class you took in college.

And most importantly, learn about your major at their college — to connect the experiences you’ve already had with the ones you’re going to get to have at that college — so they can see the through line of the success you’re going to be thanks to the education you can only get there.

If you have more questions about common college essay prompts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 732-556-8220. Solution Prep is here to help.

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