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Why Take Major-Specific College Visits

Today we’re talking about major-specific college visits.

When you take a general college visit you’re going to learn a lot about amenities like the food, and the dorms, and the sports facilities. Your tour guide might even tell you about the general education classes everyone has to take; but the odds that they are enrolled in your specific major and therefore knowledgeable about it are pretty slim.

You want to learn more about your major. That way you can decide — is this college right for you — beyond just they have your major, and it’s a “good program.” Major-specific college visits can help with that.

The good news is most colleges do offer major specific tours; they’re only on certain days. You have to go to the visit page of their website and find out are they on Tuesdays or Thursdays or every other Friday? They’re going to do a tour of the business college, the engineering school, the communications program; whatever you’re there to learn about.

You can also go to an open house; they have several throughout the fall. And with enough people on campus they are doing major specific tours most of the time. You can talk to students in your major, and even professors in that department.

So ask great questions when you go, and if you have questions call us at 732-556-8220. Solution Prep is here to help.

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