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Where College Apps Hide Course & Grade Questions

Hey, guys! It’s Eric at Solution Prep, and today we’re talking about that massive pain in the butt that is manually entering all of your courses and grades in college apps when looking to apply to college.

Yes… your guidance department will submit your official transcript to every college you apply to, but then somebody has to manually enter all of that data so the college can click, sort, and compare you to other students. And they’d much rather get that free labor out of you — the applicant.

So if a college uses the common app, they might accept those courses and grades through the courses and grades section — which is the last tab in the common app section – where you can manually enter every class and every grade you got for 9th, 10th, and 11th grades in high school.

Other colleges, even if they’re on the common app, might use a third-party website, the most common of which is the SRAR — that’s the self-reported academic record.

Then some colleges, even though they have these opportunities, say you know what, we want you to go to our website and fill it out there.

So there’s a real possibility you might have to do this three times in your college apps, and if you haven’t done it, and they require it, your application is incomplete, and you cannot be accepted to this college.

So there’s no quick way to do it; just get working, and if you have questions call us at 732-556-8220. We are here to help.

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