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How to Send SAT & ACT Scores to Colleges

Hey, guys! It’s Eric at Solution Prep.

Today we’re talking about sending SAT and ACT scores to colleges.

If you’ll be submitting your scores — either because the college requires them or because they reflect your best academic abilities — there are a few different ways to do it.

One is in the college application itself; it will ask you to self-report your scores. And you can put that information right there. And some colleges will accept you based on your self-reported scores, and only require you to send the official transcript after they’ve accepted you to verify what you put in your application.

Other colleges will need the official transcript from SAT or from ACT sent before they can decide on whether to accept you, and those may be due on the same day as the application deadline or a couple weeks later; just make sure to check.

Now, when you register to take the SAT or ACT, they offer you a few colleges for free that you can send your scores to; but generally that’s for seniors or for athletes who need to get those scores to colleges as quickly as possible. If you want to look at your scores first and decide whether or not to send them, don’t select this option. You’ll go to or to and manually submit your scores when it’s that time.

For the ACT, it only takes one to two days for a college to receive your scores, and it costs $18.50 per score per date to submit per college. For the SAT, it can take one to two weeks to get your scores to colleges and it’ll cost $14.00. So do make sure to submit that in time to meet your deadlines. You can rush it for an extra $31.00 per school; so that’s $45.00 per school in total. And then they’ll get it in that same one to two days that the ACT gets scores to colleges.

So be careful — make sure you get everything in by the day they’re due, and how the college wants to receive it.

And if you have questions, call us at 732-556-8220. We are here to help.

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