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What if You Got Waitlisted?

With this week’s Ivy Decision Day, that means that every college you’ve applied to has given you an answer. That means we’re getting a lot of questions this week about, “What do I do if I’m waitlisted?” 

Here are some ways you can increase where on the waitlist you are, which increases your chance of getting called, if the college goes the waitlisted route at all: 

You can take an extra visit, which can include a virtual visit. You can send another letter of recommendation if they’ll accept one. You can send a letter of continued interest, which can let them know what you’ve been up to since your college application was submitted to them: all your great achievements since then, that you’re still working hard and getting good grades, but most importantly that they are your top-choice college and that you’re still very much eagerly awaiting good news from them soon. 

All of that said, you can also look at some of the colleges that have accepted you and consider taking “yes” for an answer, because there’s never a guarantee that a college even will go to the waitlist at all. 

If you have more questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 732-556-8220. We are here to help. And let us know the good news when you get it! We can’t wait to hear good news!

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