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6 Ways to Save off College Textbooks

With a lot of our students heading off to college this month, today I’ve got 6 great ways to save money off the cost of college textbooks.

Students spend up to $2,000 a year on these according to the College Board, but you don’t have to spend that much.

First, you can buy them used from places like your college bookstore, Amazon, and Better World Books.

Second, you can buy an older edition. If the syllabus wants the 15th edition, I assure you the 14th edition is nearly identical, but I wouldn’t go too much older than that.

Third, you can save up to 75% by renting your college textbooks. Check for those options at your college bookstore, Amazon, and Just make sure to return them before the deadline so you don’t get any late fees.

Fourth, check with your professor before you buy the books because they might not even use certain ones from the syllabus in their class.

Five, many colleges have all the textbooks available for free in the library as reference books.

And six, guys, it’s the digital age; I’m sure these books exist somewhere out there on the internet. Start googling.

Yes, some books require you to pay for a digital code, some professors require you to buy their book that’s only available at the school bookstore. But make smart choices and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 732-556-8220. We are here to help.

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