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4-Part Letter of Continued Interest

Hi, it’s Eric at Solution Prep! Let’s discuss letters of continued interest. They’re crucial if you’ve been deferred or waitlisted! from the regular round, you may still be able to get accepted. And one thing that could help is a great letter of continued interest.

Some colleges, when they defer or waitlist you, specifically ask for one of these; and if they didn’t ask, you can call them and find out if they would accept one. And if so, you should write it.

A great letter of continued interest includes four paragraphs.

The first is thank you for continuing to consider me for admission; this is my top choice college.

Paragraph two is why this is your top choice college. And if you already sent an essay about that in your application, have you been on any new visits? Have you done any interviews? What’s new?

Paragraph three is what’s new with you? Have you accomplished anything? Have you started anything new? Have you finished a project or an award that they did not know about in your original application?

And paragraph four is thank you for continuing to consider me and all this extra information. This is my top choice college, and if I’m accepted, I will go.

So get writing and if you have questions, call us at (732) 556-8220.
We are here to help.

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