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Sia Dhawan

Sia ranked first in All-India CBSE boards in 12th grade and went on to become a medical doctor, interning in child neurology at Harvard- and Cornell-affiliated hospitals. Her favorite part was teaching others, and she has been a teacher since 2013. Sia has traveled to over 45 countries but insists the resorts are nicer than the jungles.

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What are Parents and Students Saying

If you are looking for your child to succeed in preparing for college, Solution Prep is THE place to go. The instructors are incredible and work well with the kids (AND Parents!!) on every personality level. My son actually looked forward to the classes (even virtually). THAT says a lot, to me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
-from a parent in East Brunswick

Solution Prep was just what my son needed to prepare for his SATs. His score increased by over 100 points! For a parent who is starting the college process, call Solution Prep! It will save your sanity and get your child on the right path.
-from a parent in Wall

We have been verily impressed with the SAT tutoring our child sat through (which was not only extremely informative, but fast-paced and equally entertaining). We are truly happy parents. Our child did well and I would heartily recommend Solution Prep.
-from a parent in Marlboro

Sent my daughter here for SAT prep, the instructors went above and beyond working with her, making sure she was engaged, and even had her in classes online when she was out of town to accommodate us. Found it to be an amazing service. Would highly recommend and will have my other children attend when they are old enough.
-from a parent in Princeton

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